Tellmarcos – Win a Free Pizza

Tellmarcos – The American Pizza restaurant franchise Marco’s Pizza offers a customer satisfaction survey for its customers on the survey website www.tellmarcos for its customers.

Tellmarcos - Win a Free Pizza - Marco's Pizza Survey

Tellmarcos – Win a Free Pizza

The survey comes along with a few reward prize discounts and more for all those who complete it.Hence.

In this article,all the details of the Marco’s pizza customer satisfaction survey will be discussed thoroughly.

How To Take The Marco’s Survey

In order to be able to take the Marco’s Pizza  customer satisfaction survey, you will be needing  a receipt from a recent purchase made at any Marco’s restaurant with a survey code on it.

Once you have gathered such a  receipts, go to the Marco’s Pizza survey page on www.tellmarcos to start taking the Marco’s Pizza customer satisfaction survey.

You must then go on and  choose the language in which you want to complete the survey.There is a choice here between the languages of English and Spanish.

After you’ve decided on the language that you would like to take the Marco’s Survey in,you will need to enter the survey code that is printed on your Marco’s receipt.

After you’ve filled out all of this relevant data, you will be shortly after sent to the main portion of the Marco’s Pizza customer satisfaction survey questionnaire.

In this part, you will be asked about your general opinions on the kind of food that is given at the Marco’s Pizzeria,the service at Marco’s and more.

Make sure that your answers are honest and real.This is crucial in helping Marco’s Pizza collect the right and accurate data for their betterment from their customers.

After completing this step, you will be asked to give some more of your personal details, such as your personal email id in order for you to get your reward coupon code.

After you have completed this entire process,you will receive a reward coupon code that you may use on your next visit to any of.

The Marco’s Pizza restaurant to get a discount on any of your next purchase. These are the basic instructions.

That you need to follow carefully in order to be able to take the Marco’s Pizza Customer satisfaction survey.

Tellmarcos - Win a Free Pizza - Marco's Pizza Survey

Rewards of the Marco’s Survey

Every participant of the Marco’s pizza customer satisfaction survey will get a rewards code after they finish the survey.

This code can be redeemed at the store for a free Pizza on their next purchase.This reward code is only valid for 30 days,hence it should be used within that time period.

Terms & Conditions of the Marco’s

Customers who would like to participate in the Marco’s customer feedback survey should be aware of the fact that they must be at least 18 years of age and no less than that to be able.

Participate legally. The participants of this survey must also be legal citizens of the United States of America in order to legally.

Be eligible for the Marco’s Pizza customer satisfaction survey and receive the reward code.

Customers taking the survey must also have a receipt for any recent transaction in order for the survey code on it to be of use at the time of the survey.

The Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey participants must also know that the reward code is not transferable in any way and must be received as has been already determined by Marco’s Pizza.

Any employees, investors, and advertisers of Marco’s Pizza are not eligible to take part in this program.

Customers that take the Marco’s customer satisfaction survey must not be related to any employee or affiliate of Marco’s as well.

These are most of the basic terms and conditions of the Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Tellmarcos - Win a Free Pizza - Marco's Pizza Survey

Requirements of the Marco’s Pizza Survey

Customers who are participating in the Marco’s Pizza customer satisfaction feedback survey must also have a recent Marco’s receipt with the 16 digit survey code on it.

Participants of the Marco’s Survey must also have access to an electronic device such as a phone, PC, or laptop in order to take the survey.

That electronic device must be connected to the internet via an active internet connection in order to access the Marco’s survey web page.

All those who take part  in the Marco’s customer satisfaction survey must be well acquainted with either English or Spanish to fully comprehend the content of the survey questionnaire.

The participants must also provide a valid email id to receive the survey reward code at the end.These are the requirements of the Marco’s Customer satisfaction survey.

About Marco’s Pizza Survey

Marco’s Pizza is an American Pizzeria restaurant brand.The pizzeria was founded in the year 1978 by Pasquate ‘Pat” Giammarco in Oregon,located in Ohio.

The MArco’s Pizza restaurants can be found in over 1000 locations across the USA,Bahamas and India.

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Marco’s uses a customer satisfaction survey to be able to track how their customers feel about the Marco’s experience. Customers will also receive a free gift as a bonus if they complete the survey.

Tellmarcos - Win a Free Pizza - Marco's Pizza Survey

Marco’s Pizza Survey FAQs

  • Is purchase necessary?

Answer – No.

  • Is a receipt necessary?

Answer – No.

  • How long is the reward valid for?

Answer – About 30 days.

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